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Undaunted Women is a 501(c)3 organization that helps individuals overcome social and economic barriers to self-reliance through connections, advocacy, and inspiration.

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Do you own a can opener? 
Among people on the move in the greater Seattle area, 78% do not own a can opener. In the middle of a pandemic, can you imagine turning to your pantry for food only to find that you have no way of accessing what is inside? 
On the surface, the solution may seem as easy as collecting and delivering can openers. Unfortunately, the problem goes much deeper. Beyond this established need, families need a symbolic "can opener" of friendship and emotional support to overcome individual barriers and access the power of self-reliance. 

Undaunted Women provides a personal, one on one approach to advocacy to help individuals open cans and doors alike. With your shared interest in improving the lives of women and their families, Undaunted Women will continue making an invaluable impact.