Who Are We?


In November 2019, six concerned women met to discuss ways they could improve the lives of women. In the end, they realized that the greatest gift one can give is hope, cultivated through meaningful relationships and personalized, focused approaches to advocacy. They realized that to truly help women and their families, their concerns need to be addressed at a micro-level.

The vision gained momentum as individuals met with families to deliver necessities during the early stages of COVID19.  Through partnering with local volunteers and organizations, Undaunted Women helped obtain and deliver food to over 1,760 people on the move who had no idea where to turn for help. More importantly, they began creating friendships and building bridges of hope.

Since that beginning, the organization has grown in both awareness and support as it continues to strive for a world in which every woman has a volunteer advocate to help navigate the unique barriers faced,

and to become—in turn—an volunteer advocate for someone else.


The vision of Undaunted Women is to help individuals become courageously resolute, especially in the face of difficulty. Undaunted Women longs to create a world where individuals did not feel consumed nor overwhelmed as they strive for greater well-being.


Undaunted Women’s mission is to help individuals overcome social and economic barriers to self-reliance through connections, advocacy, and inspiration. The mission of Undaunted Women is not to become a resource, rather we put our mission into action through:

Fostering Resilience bridging existing resources.

Navigating Growth providing advocates to help each individual identify and overcome barriers to self-reliance.

Igniting Hope offering context and perspective so individuals can share their story of becoming Undaunted.


In order to ensure that all of our time and resources are going directly to the individuals we serve, we do all we can to avoid overhead. All positions are filled by individuals who volunteer their time.

Undaunted Women emphasizes diligence, temperance, and rhythms of rest both for those volunteering and those being served. This emphasis, combined with self-based assessments and motivational interviewing helps us find the power to grow, change, and unitedly help others to do so.

Nonprofit Status

In July of 2020, Undaunted Women incorporated as a nonprofit in Washington State

and received IRS 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.

While still in our early stages, Zonta South Puget Sound is acting as fiscal sponsor

by providing administrative support and mentoring. 

Volunteers Packing Food

Meet Our Board

Ady Brower, JD: Board President 


Tressa Lacy: Administrative Vice President


Kurt Bennion, CPA: Treasurer


Anab Abdi, RN: Board Member, Health & Wellness Council


Justin Bowles, MD: Board Member, Health & and Wellness Council


Julie Grant: Executive Director


Sheerin Sulaiman: Advocate Lead


Krystal Hernandez: Case Manager


SueZan Wright, Mission Coordinator