About Us

Are you recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization?

Yes. We gained 501(c)3 status on July 7, 2020. Contributions are deductible. 

Whom do you help?

Our current efforts are primarily focused on helping newly arrived refugees in the Seattle, WA area. Currently, the families we serve are mostly from Afghanistan, though we have also been helping families from Romania, Turkey, and Mexico.

How are you helping them?

Our current outreach focuses on meeting with families as they arrive from different countries and working with them to overcome barriers to self-reliance. First, we resolve urgent barriers by providing requested food and furniture items. We then connect families to existing resources by enrolling them in language learning classes, connecting them to academic support resources for their children, and setting them up with employment support services.

As our volunteer base allows, we provide programs where existing resources are unavailable. Current programs include supporting families in accessing basic services such as medical care and providing English mentors to practice conversational English and build a new network of friends. We also provide driving mentors to help individuals learn to drive, eliminating transportation issues. In addition, we provide advocates who continue following up with individuals and families as they continue their journey to self-reliance.

Our micro-approach allows us to go down rabbit holes, break down unique barriers individuals face, and open opportunities, enabling those we serve to reach their self-reliance goals, whether it be furthering their education, gaining meaningful employment, or starting their own businesses.

What needs would you like to address but aren’t able to?

Many of the families we serve have loved ones who are still far away and in danger. We would like to more adequately address the needs that arise when individuals are constantly fearing for the safety of their families. We would also like to offer more resources for individuals learning to drive, including helping families find affordable and reliable cars.

Beyond financial contributions, how can I help?

We are looking for motivated individuals to serve on our Advocacy Team, Home Goods Resource Team, Public Affairs/ Research Team, English Circles Team, Health and Wellness Team, Financial Literacy Team, Admin Team, and Driving Mentor Team.

How do the services you offer help people to eventually meet their own needs?

The services we offer remove barriers to self-reliance, so families can eventually meet their own needs:

  • Our Advocacy Services help individuals recognize and overcome barriers to self-reliance in a way that works for them while building a network of friends and providing insight into different cultural customs.

  • Our Home Goods Services help individuals learn how to obtain needed items, keep track of costs, and stay within a budget.

  • Our Public Affairs/ Research Services help families navigate existing resources such as language learning classes, academic support resources for their children, and employment support services.

  • Our English Circle Services help individuals learning a new language while building a new support network of friends and providing an understanding of different cultural customs and practices.

  • Our Health and Wellness Services help families access basic services, provides health education, and advocate for individuals as they address their physiological and psychological needs.

  • Our Financial Literacy Services help educate families on the complexities of building a budget, building credit, and saving.

  • Our Driving Mentor Services help individuals practice driving so they can obtain their license and become self-reliant, providing transportation for themselves and their children.

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Meet Our Board

Ady Brower, JD: Board President 


Tressa Lacy: Administrative Vice President


Karen Tout: Secretary


Elham Sadeghein: Board Member, Health & Wellness Council


Justin Bowles, MD: Board Member, Health & and Wellness Council


Sheerin Sulaiman: Advocate Lead


April Madsen: Case Manager


SueZan Wright, Mission Coordinator


Julie Grant: Assistant Mission Coordinator