Become an Undaunted Advocate

Lift and Strengthen Others


Undaunted Women matches volunteer advocates with individuals specific to their strengths and causes they are passionate about.

Volunteer Group

Advocate Responsibilities

Build friendship through visits

Share practical advice

Visit once a month
and stay in touch.

Learn about another's culture, values, and experience

Communicate with Advocate Coordinator

Soup Kitchen

Volunteer Requirements

Sensitivity and openness to persons of diverse backgrounds

High degree of patience, understanding, and flexibility

Attend Volunteer Orientation

Record and report volunteer hours

Pass Background Check (if applicable)

High Fives

Interested in Becoming an Advocate?

Step One- Sign Up

Fill out the volunteer application. We will review the application and contact you with the individual to whom you are assigned.

Community Service
Friends in Staduim

Step Two- Make Contact

Make contact with your assigned individual. This can be done in a variety of ways: in person; by phone, text message, social media; or by letter.

Step Three- Get to Know Them

Learn about their lives, relationships, and circumstances. By doing so, you will be able to anticipate their needs and either meet those needs yourself or call on coordinators to access additional resources.

Friends at Camp
Nails with Friends

Step Four- Become a Friend

Become a friend by letting them know that you care. Make the effort to be the kind of friend that they need.

Step Five- Seek Guidance

Research existing resources and communicate with your coordinator when questions arise. But remember, nobody knows the needs of those you are assigned to advocate for to better than they do.

Group of Friends

Step Six- Maintain the Relationship

Regularly touch base with those to whom you advocate for so you’re prepared to help when needs arise.

Step Seven- Advocate for Them

Advocate for to them in ways that are individualized and customized to fit their unique needs. There is no one-size-fits-all answer as the needs of each individual and the strengths of each advocate vary greatly. Remember the purpose is to simply let them know they have a friend who cares.

Image by Tyler Nix